What Does Your Surfboard Style Say About You?

What Does Your Surfboard Style Say About You?

Stick around till the bottom of my bloggy blog and take the quiz to find out!

Chanel surfboards - fancy and not useful surfboard style
I wear dresses like these to the beach all the time – ha, not!! Hey, they match their outfits though!

I just read an article on The Inertia about the Chanel surfboard that is currently being promoted by super model Gisele Bundchen. Since then I saw the full follow up “commercial” and it was so unfortunate as there was no authenticity to it at all, 100% pure marketing façade. The girl gives up surfing to get the guy – kind of like how the Sandy character in Grease became a biker chick to get back her guy. They even had a song from Grease – The One that I want – in the ad, so I can’t help but but compare the two scenarios!

The Chanel surfboards are available in the colors black, white, and red and are made of a carbon fiber, polyurethane and fiberglass and are delivered in a signature Chanel traveling case. One board will only set you back around $4,000, what a deal, right? Quite a ridiculous price if you ask me.

Chanel Surfboard collection
Anyone ever ridden one of these fancy boards – wonder if they even perform?

However, regardless of the legitimacy of the ad and outrageously priced surfboard, it got me thinking about surfing and fashion. People use fashion to make a statement about who they are. I’m a casual surfer chick and like to hang loose, go with the flow, and am really not buttoned up. I can’t stand wearing buttoned up shirts with collars too! I like to wear witty t-shirts reflecting my love of surfing, like my I’d Rather Ride a Wave song shirt, and have collected a wardrobe full of band t-shirts that I like to wear to express my favorite kind of music! I could also wear a beachy summer dress with flip flops every day of the week and be set! Other girls like to dress up a lot, wear the latest trends and endure uncomfortable high heels to look and feel fancy and sophisticated. Some girls collect shoes like my brother collected baseball cards when he was little, they just can’t get enough! We all have our own style.

Funny surfing hats
My beachy witty casual style!


As surfers, I think our surfboards also reflect the kind of person and surfer we are.

When I’m sitting on the beach relaxing before or after a surf sesh, I love to look at the surfboards that come along with various types of surfers out there. If I see someone with a foam board or Wavestorm (which I do a lot at my easy to learn home beach of Tourmaline), I instantly think beginner or someone who is just flirting with surfing and not super committed to it. I know that is not true for everyone and it is a complete stereotype and generalization, however when you see someone in dreads and wearing the red, gold, and green colors, you instantly put them in the reggae/hippie/herb seeker/peace, love, and positivity speaker category, right?

If I see a guy on a plain white shortboard with lots of stickers, it’s easy to assume he must be a total shredder and ripper almost at the pro level. There’s a guy who wrote another article on The Inertia talking about how he purposely does this with stickers from completely random companies on his board so people do think he’s a pro and get a little bit intimidated and let him have more waves. That article was a riot!

The surfboards I ride also reflect who I am!

Colorful surfboard quiver
My colorful surfboard quiver!













The first couple boards I bought when I just moved to San Diego and started out surfing were literally the same type of boards, both were 7’6” fiberglass fun boards. However, at the time I didn’t care that they were the same type and length because I loved their appearance, fun but fashionable boards that reflected my style!

• My first board, which I call my Rainbow board, had bright colors curving around the board and it was easier to carry around vs. a massive longboard.
• A year or so after buying my 1st board, I came across another board that had ocean waves curving around the board and I instantly had to have it in order to express my love of the sea and my favorite color aqua blue.

However after my 2nd board purchase, I soon began to have quiver envy, kind of like shoe envy! I met a lot of people with a variety of sizes, shapes, and types of boards and I really wanted to try out some new board types and functionality. I’d even come up with a business idea for a company like Netflix where you pay a certain fee each month and get a new board to try for a month. I thought that would be a great way to try out a lot of boards without having the expense of buying them. I even found a guy who did it, however he stopped doing so when the recession hit several years back. At this point, I really started thinking about function with my boards, instead of my previous “fashion over function” attitude.

I really wanted to add a longboard to my surfboard collection but those types of boards are much more expensive and all the used longboards I found on Craigslist just did not inspire, interest me, or reflect my style. Half of the boards sold on their looked so crappy. All it would take is for people to de-wax their board and shine it up a bit for a good photo, but most boards you find on their look like they’ve been sitting in the garage collecting dust on a dry spell for quite some time.

Luckily, I found out about a couple local San Diego companies that I was able to get awesome deals from to add a couple boards to my collection, so that I could have a “quiver”. I have so much love for San Diego too, with my “San Diego Life” song, so it felt good to support surfboard manufacturers right here in San Diego!

Degree33 Surfboards: I got a chance to add a super affordable lighter 8’6” epoxy longboard to my surfboard collection because of the great deal I got on their annual Thanksgiving sale. The board was basic and simple looking, but it was the color of the golden honey sun so it still reflected my style and vibe and had the added bonus of being able to catch so many more waves and ride them longer due to its design and functionality. I named this board “Honey”. It’s my honey indeed, we’re pretty committed to each other, I use it the most out of all my boards, primarily because I live so close to my home break Tourmaline, which is really suited for the longboard style. It isn’t too long for me, as I’m short and have tried out other boards on demo days that were 9-10’ and were really just too much board for a lil shrimp like me to handle. Oh, and now due to this super handy little surfboard carrier helper I found called the Rail Grabber, carrying this thing around is a breeze for a surfer girl with short arms like me!

Shaper Studios: I really wanted to try out a shorter type of board so I was stoked when I came across another great deal, via ZOZI, to make my own board at San Diego’s Shaper Studios. They helped teach and supervise me while I made a shorter, but wider and thicker for stability, fish style board. That was a great experience and I even painted the back of the board myself! I painted it like the fish Nemo and called it my Feisty Fish because although Nemo only had one little fin, he was a super strong and feisty swimmer. This board reflects both my spirit and style, the front is a mish mash of sunset colors and it reminds me of the amazing sunsets we are fortunate to enjoy here, living The San Diego Life! It’s super fun to ride! The rides may be shorter than my longboard rides, just more like a quickie, but you completely feel like you’re high flying when you get some speed on that board – and it’s so easy to maneuver too. I honestly feel like I’ve done some “shredding” on that board, well, my kind of shredding!

So what does your surfboard/surfboards say about you? If you saw me walking around with any of my surfboards, what would you think about me?
Check out this fun little surfboard style quiz I made to poke some fun about what your surfboard style says about you.

I took it and I’m a committed learner, but I think I’m a bit of a Surfista as well. Take it yourself, you might get a chuckle at the results!

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