Trash Talk and a new song of mine

Trash Talk and a new song of mine

Trash Talk. I love it. I grew up on it. Who doesn’t love a little bit of it, if it’s all in good fun!

Trash talking fun with Reggie Miller and Spike Lee
The good ole NBA days with some friendly trash talk between Reggie Miller and Spike Lee!

Trash talk can fuel you, juice up your competitive spirit and give you the confidence and mental toughness you need to light a fire under your ass.

I’m from Indiana and 2 out of the 9 greatest trash talking moments in the article below were from someone that played in Indiana (Reggie Miller) or was from Indiana (Larry Bird).

I clearly remember the days in the 90’s when Reggie Miller was playing the Knick’s in the playoffs and giving some good trash talk to Spike Lee – …remember the choke? The article below talks about how Reggie backed his trash talk up and how it’s critical to do that for any high grade trash talk.

Larry Bird’s trash talk game was so legendary that even one of his targets gave it up for him in this interview:

Bobby Knight, the legendary coach from IU did his share of trash talk – or it was just probably more like foul language, ha!

Trash talk fuels the game, whether the game of sports or the game of life. As Bobby Knight says, “The biggest opponent isn’t the other guy, it’s human nature”.

Therefore I wrote a little song about some trash talking. Below is a sneak peak at the intro and chorus:

Ready, set, go
Let the game begin
A little trash talking action
Let’s see who’s gonna win

Ya wanna mess around
Ya wanna mess with me
Just to see how I reply
If you’re gonna be that guy
“You don’t even want me to try”

That last line was a bit of trash talk I’d definitely say. But with trash talk, if you dish it out, you gotta be able to back it up and take it as well!!

I’m thinking of taking a new approach with this song, from production to marketing (once I get my voice back, I hope it comes back, as I’ve been hoarse for well over a week now)  I’ve got lots of ideas, but trying to keep this blog a manageable length.

Stay tuned to see how the song develops!

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