A brand new innovation in surfing.  This is the 1st watch/device out to market that allows you to capture your surf sessions, track everything from how long and fast you surfed to how far you've paddled and overall surf session length! It's like a surfing diary but with minimal input as everything is tracked automatically via satellite. 

The app (only on iPhones for now) also has cool social functionality.  See other surfers' sessions and compare to yours just for fun.  You can also start a club to have informal contests amongst a group of surfer friends.

I put this in the training tools section because I believe it does push you to surf harder and smarter knowing that you will be able to see your performance afterwards.  Your surf sessions will get longer and you'll give that extra bit of effort to get past that section and continue your ride and keep pumping to propel your speed.  After a while of surfing with the watch, you'll really get to learn what surf breaks and tides work best for the different kinds of surfing you enjoy most, whether you're a quickie thrill seeker that has a need for speed or you're a classic cruiser who just thrives for that long ride!

I've always thought surfing should have something like this, similar to how people who have ran or ride bikes can track their activities.  I got one the first week it came out and have used it first hand!  If you want to know even more about this product, check out my detailed review of the product here!

Be an early adopter and get one of these today and join this surfing community!