In this digital age, it is often hard to have the attention span to read a whole book.  But these books are must reads from my perspective - if you want to be inspired or learn about surfing!  Most of them are easy reads with lots of pics - good for the coffee table display and surfing conversation starters!

If you find my "I'd Rather Ride a Wave" song humorous, I know you'll enjoy this book as well.  There are many great and clever points the book makes on the similarities between dating and surfing.  I'm planning on doing a detailed review/blog about this book soon!!  A definite coffee table surfing book - it will spur conversation indeed!

A couple guys just left their corporate jobs and decided to travel down the entire Pacific Coast, surfing various spots and meeting the local people.  Sounds like a super fun adventure to me.  I need a sabbatical to try this!  A definite book on my must read soon list!

For the Love by Kelly Slater

A really interesting auto-biographical perspective from Kelly Slater - the king of surfing - about his start and progression into the sport.  Key takeaway from me is that we both have an aversion to tomatoes - ha!


An inspiring book about learning to surf from a girl's perspective.  Written by the owners of the Surf Diva shop in La Jolla, San Diego!  I read it in Chicago just prior to my move here.  Key takeaway from this book - the best surfer is the one having the most fun!

If you're local to San Diego, this is a really cool book about the history of surfing in this fine city!  A must read for any San Diego surfer!