Take video selfies of yourself surfing from up close or far away and show off your amazing skills to friends and family or give them some laughs with your kooky style and wipeouts.  These cameras are really good for learning though.  Sometimes a surf instructor can tell you something you need to be doing, but once you see what you are actually doing wrong on video camera, it's more meaningful.  A great way to figure out improvement areas for surfing!

The GoPro 3 is the latest, most economical GoPro to hit the market (besides the newest GoPro 4 to hit the market - which is a bit more expensive and not as necessary for personal training use).  I used to have the Go Pro original model and got it as soon as it came out, however have since then lost it to the ocean as I did not have it fastened tight enough.  It gives you really great up close action shots of your surfing and any other high action activity! I need to get one of these again for sure, it would be great to combo this with the Soloshot surf tripod as well.

This is on my wish list.  The GoPro is great for up close shots and help with your pop ups, etc. however the SOLOSHOT surf camera accessory can film you from far away and give you the perspective of where you are on the wave when you are catching it, in order to help with your surfing.  The latest model (which isn't featured here) even has two wristbands to film more than just one person out there.  A little pricey, but in the long run a more economical way of getting surf footage for learning purposes than hiring a photographer or depending on volunteers capturing you at just the moment you scored what you thought was the perfect wave!