About my surf shop:

When I was younger I would watch 90210 and I said to myself, when I get older I want to move to California and open up a surf shop.  Well, I've moved to California and have been here awhile, so I decided it was time for me to open up a surf shop! Mind you, I don't sell these products directly, but through affiliated partnerships with my sponsors/hopeful future sponsors. 

I'm not just putting anything surf related here either.  I'm putting really cool and useful surfing accessories here that have helped me, surfing products/accessories that I really want but can't afford yet, or surfboard brands/any surf related products that I have personally purchased and love to recommend. I'm planning on a separate blog post for each of these products to describe my experience with them in detail and provide all the pros and cons.  However I'm just starting this store up now and will be taking it baby step by baby step!

I hope you find something that really helps your surfing or fuels your surfing passion here in my little surf shack! Plus if you do find something through my links, picking it up is just another way to help support my music if you're a streamer :)