Star Struck Adventures finding The Perfect Wave with Iration and Friends

Star Struck Adventures finding The Perfect Wave with Iration and Friends

Have you ever been star struck?  I wouldn’t consider myself to have ever been, I’m not concerned with celebrities other than glancing at the magazine titles on my way out of the grocery store while I’m bored and getting sucked into a click bait article or two.  There are certain actors, musicians, and pro-surfers that I’m a big fan of based on their talent and work that I admire and relate to, such as a Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Bell of Veronica Mars, or many of the musicians I’ve written about or have gone to their concerts and any pro-surfers I have or have not met.

However, there’s this one relatively new actor that has been up and coming lately, that I have to admit, I have had a little bit of a starry eyed fascination with lately.  I’ll start off with how I discovered him and that leads to how we met and I acted like a star struck schmuck, ha!

The first movie I ever saw him in (when I had no idea who he was) was a movie called “The Perfect Wave”.  I was perusing around Netflix one night searching for some surf movies to watch and came across that one and saw it looked interesting.

“I just wanna get out there & discover freedom” – favorite quote of the entire movie!!!!

I have to admit, the movie didn’t have much of a plot, but I thought it was a great movie nonetheless!  It was a story about adventure and discovery through surfing and that aligns exactly with my passion for the lifestyle/sport (however you choose to look at it). It didn’t hurt that the main actor wasn’t too unfortunate looking so watching the movie was an enjoyable experience overall, from the scenery and the people watching!  I didn’t think much about the actor after I saw the movie, he was a great actor in the film, but to me movies are more about the story than the stars, I never really go to a movie because so and so is in it, for the most part.  However, shortly after watching The Perfect Wave, I saw he was the main star in this romance/drama The Longest Ride and he then co-starred  in Taylor Swift’s video “Wildest Dreams”.

I did a review of Taylor Swift’s album at the very first release and did mention that this was one of my fave songs and would do well for her.  I also agree that she did very well with the casting for this role, I mean, one of my Facebook comments about the video was that it had perfect casting, he is completely dreamy 😉  I admit I haven’t watched The Longest Ride yet, not that I don’t think it would be a great movie, I just don’t watch a lot of romantic dramas, I’m more of a romantic comedy girl.  However that’s not saying that I won’t watch it at all, it’ll just take me longer to get around to doing so, I mean I haven’t even watched The Notebook yet, I feel like maybe I need to catch up on those types of movies one weekend.

Shortly after the Taylor Swift “Wildest Dreams” music video release, I realized he was homies with the boys in Iration, one of my all-time favorite bands that I’ve blogged about here before, check out their new album, Hotting Up!

I then discovered that I knew more people in San Diego that knew him so he became even more intriguing to me, especially since he gets life and he lives in San Diego, instead of the LA/Hollywood scene.  I then started following him on Instagram/Twitter and he just seemed like such the #everyman, kind of the anti-celebrity (except as much as he wants to be the every man, he’s not – I mean not every man can just fly down to San Diego via helicopter just for the fun of it – ha).  He just lives life and embraces life with his friends and seems to not take himself so seriously.  I’ve also read in some articles that he’s not into acting for the fame and didn’t even use his dad’s name at first when entering the business which made me totally respect the dude.  Yeah, I admit to reading up on him now, you’re totally allowed to read up on people in the public eye, it’s not creepy at all – it’s only creepy when you read up on regular joes, ha!  I’m sure he’s far from perfect , I bet I could find some dirt on him if I dug around – ha, but he does project  himself on social media as a totally down to earth and fun guy and he did seem super cool when I actually met him.

That is why I was so star struck of sorts when I finally met him in real life.  Now if you haven’t guessed who this actor is by now, it’s Scott Eastwood.  When I was about to head back to the VIP area of the  Iration show in Del Mar, he ended up right in front of me showing his pass to security and I couldn’t help but just blurt out his name, Scotty Eastwood (yeah I said Scotty as it just rolled off my tongue that way).  I tried not to say it too loud but loud enough so he would hear it and then me being a creep just had to touch his shoulder really quick, ya know, just to make sure he was real and I wasn’t seeing a ghost, ha!

So I knew Scott Eastwood was at the Iration show but I forgot about it once I got into the VIP area as I was having all sorts of phone battery issues and my friend was supposed to meet up with me and I needed to get my phone charged somehow in case she got off work and was able to come in time.

The next paragraph or two are like a story within a story as it doesn’t really relate to the main story I’m making, but it all goes for context as well.

Luckily, Iration’s trailer had an electrical outlet so I just plugged my charger in that I brought with me and tucked it behind a cooler so no one would take it.  I then proceeded to go to the bleacher area to see the show and it was rather dark and hard to see anyone.  The show was really amazing as always.   Iration played so many of their new songs, such as Reeling, Hotting Up, Lost & Found, 867, Stay Awake, & Midnight, which were so fun to hear live.  They could simply play a basic acoustic set and it would be all I need but they always bring the energy and “Electricity” as well and a great light show to set the mood for everything and just get the vibe going right.  After a few songs I went back to the trailer to check my phone and it was charged up a bit so I took it with me to the backstage area and watched the remainder of the concert from there.  I was able to text my friend and she told me she wasn’t going to be able to get there in time for the concert after all but to hit her up if we went anywhere after the show.  Therefore I didn’t need to be so concerned with my phone after that and I took a few photos and videos of the concert from the side stage and enjoyed the show.  It was just so cool to see the Iration boys bounce around on stage having fun playing their music and I even think one or two of the band members saw me on the side stage and smiled at me in acknowledgement, or my mind could just be playing tricks on me.

Iration Del Mar 1


After the show was over I went back to the trailer to charge up my phone some more (long story short, my phone can go from 40% to 0% in the blink of an eye so my goal was to keep it above 80% in order to contact my friend after the show).  I was able to see all the Iration guys/team after the show and some of their homies I’ve gotten to know over the years.  Of course I had to show off the click through version of my surfing app that I’ve been developing with a company in India as I’ve been working so hard on it and really thought the Iration guys who surf would think it was interesting.  It’s basically an app to help you find “Your Perfect Wave” – kind of ironic and all being that Scott Eastwood starred in the movie “The Perfect Wave” and was there that night.  I think a lot of the Iration guys were actually impressed and asked me some questions about it later (even one of ‘em who I don’t think is an avid surfer) which really made my night at the end of it all.  I’ve been working on this surf app for over 6 months and it just felt so good to get some feedback and curiosity about my project.

So now back to the main story, it’s after the Iration show, I’ve already got a chance to say hi to all of the band members and tell them what a great show it was.  I was about to head out (almost forgot Scott Eastwood was there) but then he comes up walking straight past me.  He had his head down and to the side a bit, perhaps to avoid being recognized, but I wasn’t fooled.  I made sure I casually brisked my arm against his as we walked by each other and then two of the guys I know were behind Eastwood and were like Scott Eastwood to me and I was like yeah, Scott Eastwood!!!!  Then I heard Scott blurt out the actual specific address of a house party he was going to and I was so taken aback that he was just announcing it out loud that I didn’t quite catch it and remember the address, as believe me I would have (not that I would have gone there, but it’s always nice to just be an informed citizen and know about the possibilities going on around you-ha). At this point, I was like, I don’t care if I look like a stalker, I’m just gonna “Turn Around” (aka Turn Around is an Iration song, which I think is kinda funny/ironic) and follow him wherever he’s going as I needed to  meet him/be introduced to him.

By the way you can catch a glimpse of me in the very beginning/end of this Turn Around video featuring Kelly Slater, – ha!)

He went into the trailer where Cayson (keyboardist from Iration and one of his buddies from his Hawaiian preparatory days) was with a few other people.  Keep in mind I’ve already said hi to Cayson, etc.  When Scott Eastwood said hi to Cayson and started greeting everyone standing around Cayson, he finally got to me and was like, uh hi with a funny smile on his face as I’m imagining he figured at this point that I pretty much stalked him back there, ha!  At that point I was like HI to Scott Eastwood  (I’m imagining with a completely excited look on my face with my eyes open as wide as they could possibly be) and then Cayson started to introduce me and I just went at Cayson & his Iration teammate friend & gave them a hug like I was just seeing them for the first time.  It was a pretty quick intro and there wasn’t really any time to chat much, but it was a funny moment  I’ll always remember as I just had to document it here and get my thoughts out about it via this blog.  It was funny because as Scott was about to take off, he was telling Cayson and his other Iration teammate friend about this house party he was going to and where it was located and then he had to just say at the end, “well since you’re back on the market and all”.  I think this just took me by absolute complete surprise as I know this guy  had been with his girlfriend for a super long time and she’s really cool and beautiful and they always seemed so happy and picturesque together.  Scott then took off and right after that and it was just my “Automatic” reaction to blurt out “Why”, as I do have a curious side, but then I realized it was none of my business.

In my mind I was kind of curious why Scott felt he needed to blurt out that part right there at the end about that guy being back on the market, but then again, I think he kinda likes to get a reaction out of people/let the cat out of the bag a bit. I saw him on an interview (when I was reading up on him) where he was talking about the whole Demi/Ashton hot tub scandal that he was somewhat connected to since the girl he was dating at the time was involved in it.  It’s funny he didn’t seem upset about it at all which makes me think he’s a happy go lucky, free spirited kinda guy.   Ya know I’ve always said, sometimes it’s selfish to want to keep someone all to yourself, so maybe he’s just not a selfish guy at all and likes to share, ha!!

Anyway, that’s it, that’s my star struck adventure finding the perfect wave with Iration and friends.  Now, whenever I tell people how I met Scott Eastwood, I can just say “we met at a concert” and “I’m not good at playing it cool” – hahaha, sometimes I kinda crack myself up, I just had to go there with “FallingIration’s launchpad song that put them on the map and a fan favorite.

I love Iration!  They have the best music and are just such great and fun people to be around, and they also know everybody.  I could now almost write a book about my Iration adventures, but I can tell there will always be more.  I need to see them play in Hawaii their home state one day and perhaps in Colorado & (Vegas again) soon.  I think another Iration road trip adventure is in store for the coming year!  Stay tuned!


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