Spread Too Thin

Spread too thin is a name of a really catchy song by the Dirty Heads. I can completely identify with this song. I’m a busy working girl with a full time job as well as so many hobbies and interests, coupled with the FOMO (fear of missing out) phenomenon, I spread myself way too thin a lot of times.

Yesterday, specifically was a perfect example of this. I bought tickets to the Count Me In concert featuring Rebelution, Iration, The Green, & Stick Figure. After that I heard that Ballyhoo!, another favorite band of mine was playing in town on the same night. Ballyhoo! plays what is called punk reggae as they have a beachy sound/vibe but also completely rock it out Green Day style as well and have a high energy show that I’ve literally bounced around and started kicking speakers to as the high energy music moved right through me. Some of my favorite songs of theirs include Beautiful Day/Halo, No Good, Somewhere Tropical, The Front Porch, Take it Easy, and so much more.

However, they only play in San Diego around 1-2 times a year so this had me in a bind, as they were playing a bit further up north at my favorite music venue in San Diego, The Belly Up! (It would be a dream for me to ever play a show there)!

However, I did some research and found out the set lengths for all the bands in the Count Me In Tour. Since it started so early, at 6:30, I figured I could have the best of both worlds, it would be possible to see both shows in the same night! After this, I also heard that all the bands in the Count Me In Tour were having an official party at this bar back downtown in the Gaslamp area.

I accomplished my mission and got everything in but it was like being shallow, you just skim the surface of a lot but don’t really dig deep and enjoy the moment as your mind is always racing and trying to fit everything in. We missed the first act, Stick Figure, of the Count Me In concert and had to leave before Rebelution was done, and then when we got to the Ballyhoo! show, they were on their last song and did a couple encore songs, and by the time we got to the after party, most of the band members had left. However, we did get to hang out and chat with the Ballyhoo! guys who are super cool/fun/, I got to see a couple friends and Joe from Iration at the after party. My friend who I bought a concert ticket for drove me and another friend the entire night and I sooo appreciated that.

I really did feel guilty that I did not time it right and they missed most of Ballyhoo!’s show, as I thought for sure Ballyhoo! would be playing at least until 12 and we would get a good full 30-40 minutes. So from now on I’m going to try and remind myself to FOCUS, make a decision even if it’s hard. I should have just tried to sell my Count Me In tickets (as I was going the next night as well, as it was double heading both nights) and went to the Ballhyoo show! There is a show after the Count Me In concert tonight, but I’ve decided to just take it easy and not have any plans for the night and just “wait & see” what comes of it….stay tuned for my next blog, it will either be titled Fanzoned or Fandom!!

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