Reggae bands and pot songs

Reggae bands and pot songs

Ah, like country music and songs about whiskey and beer, reggae music and pot songs are like ebony & ivory. They just go together in harmony, or not.

I mean, a reggae band can’t be considered a true reggae band unless they have at least one song about the herb/pot, right?

Country music is often criticized for being too simple lyrically and almost dumb. However, I would venture to say there are some reggae songs out there that are the same way lyrically, when it’s a song about pot. It’s as if, hey, if we write a song about pot everybody’s gotta love it, right? I was at a concert a while ago and this band had a song that really didn’t have any melodic hook but just kept repeating who’s got the herb about 10-15x. By that point, I was so bored with the song I felt like asking the guy standing by me for some herb (it’s not that hard to find in Cali) and just jumping up on stage and giving it to the lead singer so the band would move on to a better song.

Some bands that don’t even have a “pot song” will retrofit a song of theirs and make it their pot song so that they have one. Yes, I’m talking about you Iration, one of my all-time favorite bands by the way. Iration’s “Summer Nights” song is a song they always introduce as their song about smoking pot. Now, Summer Nights isn’t your typical reggae pot song that goes on and on repetitively about weed, herb, ganja, etc. The song does mention lighting one up, taking one back, and getting high which infers to smoking the herb. However, what their song does, unlike most pot songs out there, is actually get you high. Listening to the smooth grooves and bassline in that song along with its other non-pot lyrics just takes you to this calm and tranquil place and you literally feel high. Now that is a “song about pot” that I can really get into.

Other bands, such as The Expendables, nail the spirit of the ganja as well with their song called “Bowl for Two”. This song just really gets at the essence of what I actually like most about the vegetable plant, sharing. People are always passing and sharing the ganja around and partaking in it in a group and social environment. The song also has an undeniable hook that you just want to sing along with. Also, they’ve recently come out with a new album, “Sand in the Sky” that has another great song called “Starry Nights” which makes the vibe just right and gets you feeling high, without explicitly going on and on about pot this, herb that!

So I’m issuing all reggae bands a challenge, let’s see if we can re-invent the pot song. Write songs about how you feel and the experience of inhaling the medicine plant vs. just going on and on and inserting weed words in a song like most generic Christian songs do by including a few God’s and Jesus’s in them to be legit. Are you up for the challenge?

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