On the Rise with Surf Roots

On the Rise with Surf Roots

I’ve always said that music and surfing go together and that is why Surf Roots is one of my favorite go-to music websites, online radio stations and music apps!

I’ve discovered a lot of great new songs and bands on the site, specifically The Wheeland Brothers, who definitely live and breathe the surfing lifestyle and it is reflected in their music. I remember hearing their song Sand in My Sheets for the first time on Surfroots.com’s Resin Music online radio station. The song just jumped out and grabbed me and I could completely identify with it as a surfer, especially the following lyrics:

“Clear blue skies so it’s time to check the tide. Grab my board then I’m headed out the door. If you need to find me I’ll be chillin’ at the shore. Sand in my sheets but I still fell asleep. Dreamin’ about tonight and the sunset on the beach”!

I’m a sunny afternoon surfer so waking up to clear blue skies definitely gets me out of bed excited for a sunny day of surfing! My friends always know they can find me chilling at the shore with my board on the weekends during the 11am-5pm window. No dawn patrol for me, ha.

I actually did a cover of Sand in My Sheets for a little contest that The Wheeland Brothers had.

Anyways, the point of this blog post was that I recently was featured on Surfroots “On the Rise” artists (I highlighted my name in the red box in the picture below) which was such an honor to be part of. I mean to be featured on this list with other artists I’m a huge fan of such as The Wheeland Brothers, Ease Up, Micah Brown, Aloha Radio, Rootdown, and so many other talented artists is such an honor! Lastly, since so much of my music is centered around my love for all things surf related, I feel at home here!

Surf Roots On the Rise
So honored to be featured on this list of such talented bands and singers!

I definitely recommend downloading the Surf Roots app and visiting their site, I guarantee you’ll discover some great music to chill at a beach to or just vibe down with reggae style!

Granted, I’m just keeping it real here with full disclosure, I contributed to Surf Roots’ IndieGogo crowdfunding effort to upgrade their app, which is why they probably put me here. Either way, I’m honored, it’s a photograph I’ll always cherish!!

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