Margarita without Tequila Lyrics

All these thoughts inside my head
It bothers me, what they said
You and me, they’ll never see
It’s just forbidden fruit, you in me

A margarita without tequila
A glass of tonic without the gin
It’s just isn’t the same without ya
Been missing the sin I’ve been drinking in

Been on my very best behavior
Avoiding every pleasure
Holding out, waiting so long
I look at your picture, can’t touch, it’s wrong

A margarita without tequila
A glass of tonic without the gin
It just isn’t the same without ya
Been missing the sin we’ve been living in

So let’s just get married now
Go say our wedding vows
Turn the water into wine
Show ‘em a good time and relax their mind

A margarita with some tequila
A glass of tonic, with a little gin
I found my way to get back to ya
We’re the perfect match, together again

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Story Behind This Song

I wrote/was inspired to write this song for two fold reasons.  

Typically in Christian (more-so Protestant vs. Catholic) circles, the mention of drinking adult beverages is always frowned upon.  I do believe people should drink responsibly, but gluttony is gluttony whether it's drinking too much alcohol, eating too much food or spending too much.  In addition, not only did Jesus turn water into wine, he turned the water into wine after the wedding attendees had already drank enough with the first round of wine supply and there was no more wine.  It's funny how that story is never told or focused on in the church setting.  

Also, I remember always staying over at my aunts house when we would go up and visit the family farm.  However, when she got divorced and this other guy started living with her, we were no longer allowed to spend the night as that behaviour was not at all acceptable.  A few months later they both flew to Vegas, got the piece of paper that legitimized everything, and everything was hunky dory.  I mean the guy my aunt was living with could have been a swindler and con man (although he is absolutely not at all like that), however as long as you have that piece of paper, that is what counts.  I really don't understand all of the judgement that comes with living together in this day & age.  I mean the Bible was written ages and ages ago when civilization was much different and there's no exact commandment or anything that outlaws it.  Other things the old testament restricts like eating pork and unclean meat are considered completely fine.  Why do some things progress with the church in the modern era but others don't?  I even read a book "Living in Sin" that offers another excellent viewpoint in this item.  I believe that the Bible should be used as a guide instruction manual.  Jesus even told the Pharisees to lighten up when it came to not working on Sunday & he hung out with a prostitute.

My end point is, look at the spirit behind the stories of the Bible and apply what is there to how Jesus would look at it in today's modern era. When you start to judge something or someone, just ask yourself, what would Jesus think/do?