Get a Move On Lyrics

I love San Diego
Oh I love it so
But sometimes the
Pace of life here
Is too slow
Everything’s always
So laid back
But me I’m kind of
Like a spaz
I like to attack
The day and

Get a move on, get a move on, get a move on
Get a move on, get a move on, get a move on
Get a move on, get a move on, get a move on
I’m a busy working girl and I get a move on

Catch me if you can
Cuz I’m always on the run
And if ya like the chase
You’re gonna have some fun
Cuz I’m the fastest girl
You’ll find in this town
You’re gonna wear yourself out
Chasing me around, cuz

I get a move on, I get a move on, I get a move on
I get a move on, I get a move on, I get a move on
I get a move on, I get a move on, I get a move on
I’m a busy surfer girl and I get a move on

Now I made my move
So I leave it up to you
You can disappear
Or ge into the groove
So get your ass in gear
And prove that you’re not gay
Cuz I just wanna have some fun
I wanna dance and play
And live for today, so

Get your move on, get your move on, get your move on
Get your move on, get your move on, get your move on
Get your moves on, get your moves on, get your moves on
Or this busy little surfer girl is gonna be gone

Moving on, staying strong
Moving along
Moving on, staying strong
Moving along

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Story Behind This Song

As this song starts out, I do love San Diego so, but indeed, it’s a slower pace of life around here, which is a good thing in a way, however I tend to be fast at whatever I’m doing. Whether I’m talking fast or just walking around getting from place to place with a quick pace, or driving fast, I’m fast. I mean it’s all about being efficient with your time, as time is money! The “Get a Move On” phrase does mean quite a few other things to me as well. Whether it’s encouraging me to work out and get off my computer and be physically active in beautiful San Diego or telling a guy to stop wasting his time, and get a move on. You could also use the end of the song lyrics, “Get Your Moves On” to encourage someone to make a move on you as well. I’m thinking of t-shirt ideas as I write!!

In addition to the above, the real reason for the inspiration of this song was when I was accused of “running” away from this guy who had been interested in me (or pretended to feign interest in me) for a time. Let’s just say I know for a fact that he had a song that his band performed and initially the lyrics were, “you’ll be running, I’ll be waiting”, and he was talking about me! I realized this after the fact because later on at this after show his band was performing at up at Cali Roots, he changed the lyrics to "if you keep running, I’m not waiting". It’s funny how life works, because one of my favorite bands Iration, came out with their new Automatic album that had a song called Running on it about a year after that show. I really could have used Iration’s Running song back then as it tells you, “you better run run run away”!!

At the time when this singer in a band changed the lyrics to say that he wasn’t going to wait if I kept “running”, I actually was fine with it (as I realized maybe he was done for good with his ex), even though I didn’t realize the manipulative nature that this guy had. If he gave any thought to anyone other than himself, he would have tried to understand why I may have “ran” away from him. Granted, I never ran away from him at all. He had a girlfriend and I was never into him in the first place. I mean he was good looking and all, but I always thought there was something a little generic and plastic about him. Let’s just say if he had never expressed interest in me I would have never put any effort into getting his attention in that way. I always wanted to just be friends, as when I discovered his band I was new to the San Diego area, and it was great to find a cool band that I might be able to be friends with and hang out with, but that’s another story & another song (Back that Hug Up, Hypnotize Me Please, Wanna Dance). Anyway, the idea of him was appealing for a time though, I mean a guy in a band that I really like, it could have been nice.

Back to me “running”. He had this girlfriend but would always be doing things here and there (these are song stories, not song books so I’m not going into every detail) to express his interest in me. However I knew he had a girlfriend and so I was not interested and perhaps kept my distance, if you want to call that “running”. He told me the first time he broke up with his girlfriend that they weren’t seeing each other anymore. I thought that was weird that he told me that, as why would I need to know that information unless he specifically wanted me to know. Therefore after the first breakup I kinda got my hopes up that maybe we’d be able to hang out a bit and it wouldn’t be awkward, and get to know each other more, and perhaps something might spark up! However being how relationships are, he got back with his girlfriend about a week later, but conveniently never told me this piece of helpful information. I had to discover they were back together in a pretty embarrassing way (again not writing a book here, just a story). Then, I would say about 9 months later, after I heard that he claimed his girlfriend was the love of his life on Facebook (don’t get me started on that phrase…aka my Firming Up song story), he breaks up with her again, just goes to show how really fake and showy he is. This time he did not tell me they broke up, I heard it through the grapevine, but believe me when I heard the news, it really did not have any huge effect on me. Granted, again I thought it might be a chance for us to hang out and be friends without all the awkward stuff, but that’s as simple as it was. Recently after his 2nd breakup with this girl, I saw him at the Belly Up and this band that we both liked was playing. I of course was at this place by myself, as it’s hard to find friends to pay money for bands they don’t know and I figured I’d see people I knew there anyway. I saw him there, and he did his usual smooth slimy operator moves, obligatory hello hug and said a line or two, but then I noticed that his ex-girlfriend just got to the venue. He ended up spending the rest of the night talking with her, left the bar with her, so I figured they were back together again, I was not going to be made an idiot of again! The next time I saw him, I had been hanging out with a friend of his and his friend mentioned to me how they were still broken up and he was just on the phone with his ex and messing with her. When I saw the smooth operator at a party that night I really just didn’t pay much attention to him as there were other people I was talking to and I ended up having to head out pretty early because I was doing this obstacle course the next day. Therefore I guess he took my whole “avoidance” to him at that party as me running, and that was what got his feathers ruffled and he was all serious looking and changed the lyrics to say if you keep running, I’m not waiting. I should have realized at that point what a manipulative self-centered person he was, but alas, you live and you learn. This story continues throughout the Wanna Dance and Back that Hug Up songs, different songs – continuation of the same story with Hypnotize Me Please being the prequel!

So all of the above is what motivated me to write this song. I wasn’t running from anyone, even though I should have and had every right to!  I’m just a smart, fast, and busy girl who doesn’t have time to waste, waiting around for manipulative douche-bags. Ya gotta move on and move along from people/things that drag you down!