Hotting Up with Iration

Hotting Up with Iration

Who wants to have a dance party with Iration?  That pretty much sums up the vibe of              Iration’s new album Hotting Up, hot off the presses, released today, Thursday  8/27  (at MIDNIGHT EST and 9pm PST).  Iration is such a fun social group of guys and I’ve had a chance to party with them from time to time at after parties after their shows and I could seriously see themselves (or maybe a couple of them) dancing to their own tunes if this album was being played after their show, ha – I’d really love to see that though!

I’ve been a super fan for a long time but their last album, Automatic, was the first new album released after I initially discovered them.   That album had a wide variety of sounds and themes, a ton of amazing songs on it (16) and has one of my all time fave theme songs, High Flying, which they have yet to play live.

I don’t compare bands’ albums to each other as it’s like comparing apples to oranges.  However they say that this album is their most complete album which I’m still not sure I understand what they mean by, BUT, I do know that the first time I listened to this album all the way through I was so giddy with excitement I was chair dancing at work on a super busy day where I was glad I could squeeze in the time to give it one first full listen!  It really has a flow to it that is like an instant playlist full of fun, up-tempo, beat driven, tunes guaranteed to get a party started and keep it hoppin!

Below are the thoughts I jotted down around midnight after a super busy day at work.  I wanted to share my thoughts on it as it was hot off the presses and I’m a night owl anyway that wouldn’t be able to go to sleep otherwise.  Therefore below is a stream of consciousness thing on the thoughts that instantly came to me tonight after hearing each song, if you want to get a feel for them before listening or if you are just curious what other people think (which I tend to be for my fave bands – I love hearing other people’s thoughts)!!


First single released and kicks off the album right by setting the tone for the overall sound and vibe/tempo for album, very beat driven and catchy as can be!

I was instantly dancing around my living room the first time I heard this song, the addictive beat of this song was Reelin me in like a mermaid (I kinda just came up with that metaphor, not even really sure what I mean by that – ha)!  I think it would be funny if Micah would accidently say Creepin instead of Reelin in the song though, it would give the song a whole new vibe – ha!

Stay Awake

This song starts out a little slow and sad but instantly wakes you up with the energetic horns and melody line, “I might not be exactly what you had in mind, but I’ve got you believing”.  Yeah, I started feeling it at this point.  “Let’s take it slow cuz time flies” – The hooks/chorus is perfect and I can just feel myself bouncing around like Tigger during that part of the song, I bet the concert crowds will too!!

Lost and Found

This is another song that starts off a bit differently than the rest of the overall sound of the song.  When I was listening, the song instantly put visuals in my head of Hawaii and it has a bit of the lyrical quality and vibe of summer nights .  I can definitely envision myself getting lost in this music swaying back and forth on a warm summer night Iration concert!!  It’s a classic Iration chill sound but still maintains the up-tempo vibe of the album!


One of my faves off this album.  I definitely caught myself chair dancing as I was listening to this song on repeat a couple times at work the first time I heard the full recorded version.  This song definitely can keep you up until way past midnight!!!  “Lost in a moment, pop open a bottle of wine, patience not a strong suit, never wanna cramp your style” some lyrics that popped out for me that I identify with! Hmmm I’m starting to think that midnight is probably around the time Iration’s shows are over and they are ready to meet up with someone.  Here’s a lyric “Wait till midnight…for me…hold the phone tight..don’t try to do it yourself”, is my mind just in the gutter here, ha!!!!

Hotting Up

The title track of this album is definitely predictive of where this song will go on the charts!  Released at the perfect time with the peak of summer time sizzling heat!  There’s a really impressive guitar riff in this one, a new bit of sound for Iration to this album!  It’s also another fun danceable song that is just perfect for when you’re at live music festival like OMBAC on the beach in San Diego and want to “accidentally” bump up into a good lookin dude/chick next to you!  I bet this song will hook up a lot of peeps….with something….  and I bet a lot of people will “meet at a concert” via this song. Iration, you need to play at OMBAC in San Diego on the beach next year and perform this song live – do it!!

Nothing At All

“The most you and I can be is nothing at all.”  Kind of a depressing lyric but it just sounds like so much fun when encapsulated in this beat driven, tongue twister of a song.  Another fun song you just get lost in and find yourself humming along to!


When I first saw this song, I thought it might be some sort of remake of 867-5309, ha!  This was another jam that I caught myself chair dancing to in my giddiness of my first listen.  If you can instantly like a song on first listen (and it sticks in your head), you know it’s a keeper, which is pretty much all of Iration’s songs by the way!

Guns Out

Starts out with a bit of staccato piano and I get a bit of the “Benny & The Jets” vibe which is super cool!  Then it launches with the bass and chorus and changes course – variety within a song, I like it!  Of course it’s a song that has a bit of a Time Bomb feeling lyric wise, talking about a girl who is crazy and over-reacting, with her guns out, ha – but as you know girls are crazy but guys are stupid and girls are crazy because guys are stupid. Fun song overall!!

You Know You Don’t Mind

Another upbeat, beat driven song that I know you won’t mind listening to again and again with a smile on your face, bobbing your head up and down from side to side!  This is a fun and energetic song and you just need to listen to it and you’ll see!!

Iration’s Hotting Up Album Review – My Verdict

Another instantly addictive album that I will be listening to on repeat for quite a while!!  Iration is one of my fave bands ever and are also a super bunch of talented musicians who just can’t seem to make a song that I do not like or couldn’t listen to on repeat 10x+!!!   I challenge them to try sometime!!  I’m really an objective person,  I’m a super fan to the core but will be honest if there is a song that I really do not like or vibe with.  Now I definitely have my favorites and songs that I call “theme songs” of course.  If I had to pick a theme song on this album, it would be Midnight – as I’m a night owl who gets going late at night for sho!!

The great thing about this album I hope – is that since there’s not so many songs, I’ll be able to hear Iration play all of them  live at least once.  The album is amazing and “completely” produced with flawless sound, but there’s something special about hearing a song live that sets it in your memory and takes you back to another place!  So if you haven’t been to an Iration show, I highly recommend that you check one out as soon as possible, after picking up their latest Hotting Up album and all the others of theirs to get familiar with the songs so you can sing along when hearing them live!


I don’t think of myself as a huge blogger per say, but I am an objective fan who  blogs from time to time because I do think I have a small degree of influence when it comes to Iration and other fave musicians/bands of mine.  I love sharing great music and getting others excited about my fave bands as I am and I hope whoever discovers and stumbles across this blog will be rewarded with some great musical finds, other than me of course, ha – just kidding!!  But seriously, Iration has inspired me musically and one of my songs “Boys in Bands” was definitely inspired by them and has a nod to them if you listen close.  You’ll also catch a bit of an Iration nod at the end of my “Hypnotize Me Please song as well.  Of course I just had to plug myself a wee little bit in my overall blog praising Iration!

Oh, and for fun and giggles, I thought it would be a challenge to write a sentence or two with all the titles of the songs on #Hottingup – MadLib style kind of??

I wish I could find my ipod at the lost and found as it recently went missing.  It was a busy day and I worked late but I can never get to sleep before midnight as I stay awake because my mind is always reelin with thoughts hotting up in my head.  I may have blabbed my mouth a little with 867 of my  guns out in giddiness but all in good fun and I know you don’t mind, because without us fans, bands have nothing at all!

Signing off with this: “Patience is not my strong suit”  & “Good things come to those who wait but only the things left by those who hustle”


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