Join My Surf Team!

Most musicians/bands out there have some sort of “street” team, however since I love surfing and music so, I thought I would form a SURF TEAM to encourage people to SURF & SHARE my music/website!

It’s simple, get your own unique link or html code for my website that is created when you sign up per the instructions below. Then, when you’re “surfing” the internet, share my link with your friends or embed the code on your blog!

What’s in it for you? Well, instead of paying some company $ to drive traffic to my site, I’d rather partner with fans of my music or people that would know of other people who might enjoy my music!

There are two ways you can benefit:

  • Music benefits: For every 10 visitors you send to my site, I’ll give you a free song of your choice, for as many songs as I have produced so far.
  • Make cash of my ass benefits: If you prefer to stream my music but have friends that you think might enjoy my tunes, I’ll give ya a dime for every visitor you send to my site through the unique link. If you get 50 of your FB friends/Twitter follower, etc. to visit my site, it’s like $5 – like I’m buying you a beer for sharing!

Now I can’t go crazy with this as I’m not miss money bags, so I’m limiting the cash payout method to $50 total a month, paid out to the order that traffic was sent to my site. So, at the first of the month, get a move on and start surfing and sharing!


Below are the details of how to sign up and track your amazing good taste and influence in music!

Please log in to access the affiliate area.

If you are not an affiliate, you can join the affiliate program here: