Hi there!

I’m writing this bio in 1st person as 3rd person seems a bit too formal/fake for me, as I AM writing this, and I like to keep things real, like my “Guys Love a Beer Girl” song says. Sure, it might be a bit more professional sounding if I wrote in 3rd person, but that’s just not me, I’m casual and beachy!

Me in a nutshell = digital marketer by day, music fan/concert goer/singer-songwriter at night, and a weekend warrior surfer on sunny weekend afternoons!

I started writing songs due to a Nashville Star contest I entered, where you had to have one original song. I just got such a great cathartic effect from the songwriting process, I started pursuing it full force. Fast forward through the rest and here I am, in sunny San Diego, living the life in this beautiful city!

I’m gonna try & keep it short here as I want to focus on my music. I have given all of my songs their very own page in the lyrics/song stories section. Each song page includes audio, lyrics, the stories behind the songs, and any related merchandise, if applicable. This is a better bio on me and my background than I could write here. If anyone relates and identifies with my music that they listen to it on Spotify a million times, actually invest a few green ones getting permanent downloads of my songs/albums I’d be stoked. Even if my music isn’t your cup of tea (I don’t actually even drink tea or coffee, more of a Diet Pepsi addict myself) – who knows, maybe someone you know could really relate and identify with a song or two, so if you share my music, I’d be just as stoked!

As for my sound, well here are my thoughts on it:

Quirky San Diego surfer chick singing songs that are all jacked up with a bubbly, upbeat, catchy, beachy/reggae pop vibe, shot of country, and splash of electronic dance, rock, and piano bar sounds, with some humor, fun and silliness mixed in with a bit of attitude for good measure!

My blog is where I will mostly be talking about things other than me that might interest people. Sharing my passions (music, surfing, adventures, cool finds, etc.) is another thing I love to do!

So there ya have it! Listen/sample, connect, support and share/download and hope you find something to enjoy here 🙂